Shopping For Plus Size Maternity Clothes
Ever since I got pregnant, I'm getting more and more disappointed with the selection of maternity clothes that there is for the big-size lady. Finding everyday clothes and occasion clothes has been a nightmare, and I'm sure I'm not alone. If you are a big size woman and you struggle to find an appropriate clothing as your tummy grows, here are some things I've learned so far.
Online is your best friend:

Most stores are too small to store a maternity segment, so you have no option but to connect online. I highly recommend yours, which has a generous part for women expecting sizes of 16-36. I just ordered a couple of the top jeggings from there, and they are perfect.


If you need to be more comfortable, leggings win all the time. You can combine almost any long top with motherhood maternity leggings, and give space for your bump to grow and more comfortable for you. If your current gaiters get a little tight, just buy the next size to give you more room to breathe. Even if you don't opt for the "long" leggings instead of "normal," you'll have that extra length to overcome your bump.


If you're going to be at your best during the summer months, the beach clothes may be a right place to start looking for T-shirts. That is the time of year when cover-ups are in most stores, and they go up to an XL. The way is exactly what a pregnant woman needs: an elastic waistband, under the bust, so that the material around the belly is loose and extended so that each one is just above the knee. The hubcaps are designed to be light and ventilated, so if your temperature is high, they will keep you cool. Most of them also have sleeves if you're insecure with your arms. And if it's a little transparent, just place a top of strips underneath and put a layer on it. Debenhams has a vast range right now.


Tunics are the perfect way to accommodate a growing belly. Big size stores like Evans stock tunics in a range of colors that fit right around your arms and breasts and slide around your tummy if you don't like a tighter fit.

Maxi dresses:

Tunics, maxi dresses have a natural way to mold a growing belly. Whether you choose for sleeveless or not, it will fit comfortably around the bust, and the flexible waistband means it won't dig, while the rest of the clothing hangs gracefully over your bump and falls to the ground. Maxi dresses are also plentiful this time of year as summer approaches, so you have to have a full selection. You can even dress up or down, so if you are going to attend an event, you can match it with jewelry, shoes and a bag to give it an update.

Shape wear:

Brands like Spanx now store Shape wear which is specially designed for the prospective mother, offer the same support around the thighs and buttocks, but use a more flexible material around the lump to give it a soft silhouette without it being Uncomfortable or harmful to the baby.


The Best Maternity leggings are pretty easy to get too: M and S sell pairs up to XL that outweigh the bulge, so you don't have to concern about them falling under your dresses.

Swing tops:

Hanging blouses, such as tunics, are designed to shine just below the bust, so if your favorite style is the top with leggings or tops with pants instead of dresses and skirts, you don't have to commit just because you're pregnant.

Zipper Extenders:

If you can't buy a new large coat or maternity coat, you can always invest in a zipper extender. They are accessible online and stick to your existing coat, and round your tummy, so you don't have to expend money on rather you will only use for a few months.

The term of pregnancy may be tuff for some women, as they suffer from leg pain due to swelling of the feet and ankles. When choosing maternity compression meshes, you give excellent support to the foot, improves blood circulation and soft compression for sore feet.
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